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In England, there is one club fighting for the growth of futsal since 2007. It is Carlisle, founded by a group of friends who created the club to play FA National League. Besides that, they have academies designated to educate a player starting at the age of 4 and taking them up to the age of 18.

There are players, coaches, federations and clubs promoting the futsal in England. We should see a very impressive growth in the country during the next years, and who is working inside the country could talk more about the improvement of futsal in the country that created the soccer.

“We have seen a huge increase in youth participation in Futsal here in the UK. Lots of clubs and academies are now looking at futsal as a development tool for soccer as well as there being many designated futsal clubs that look to create futsal players for their own teams”, said Jon Reay, coach of Carlisle.

However, players don’t like just training sessions, so they compete in good tournaments as well. The next one for Carlisle is World Futsal Cup VI, in Blanes, Spain, this December. This beautiful city located closer with Barcelona will receive the best teams of the world in a high-level championship. The sixth edition will have great clubs like FC Barcelona, Santos and Corinthians, beside others from USA, Australia and Colombia.

“We want the boys to go there and enjoy it. It will be a fantastic experience not just for the players but for the coaches and parents as well,” said Reay. “We want the boys to really work hard for each other and be confident in what they do. It’s another step in their development as players and people. I’m sure it’ll be a trip of a lifetime and one not to be forgotten.”