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Galaxy FC was founded in 2015 but this year is very special to them. The Australian club competed in three different countries and has just taken out the Qld Club Championships in its inaugural inclusion to their States Premier League . Now facing their biggest challenge: the World Futsal Cup VI, tournament which will have some of the best teams of the planet competing in Spain.

Their academy players must have, as they officially said, “discipline, character, respect and excellence both on and off the field. These qualities will assist players achieve their personal goals and produce players worthy of wearing the Galaxy uniform.”

This year Galaxy FC was the first Australian Club ever invited to play at New Zealand Futsal National Championships. After that, the professional team played at Kobe Futsal Championships in Japan and had the final against the National Japanese Team under23. The Club has been well challenged competing in the Victorian State Titles , NSW Northern State League as well as The Sydney Futsal Institute Gatorade Cup , all with great success .
This all on the back of the Women’s Squad becoming Australian National Champions in Australia’s National F-League in 2016

To complete this “traveling year” the Cadete team went to Disney in August and had three victories in five games playing at World Futsal Championships.
This squad will have in December another international experience in Spain playing against big clubs like FC Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.

“Galaxy is a young but ambitious club that is expanding fast in Australia. They have played at the World Futsal Championships and this will be another foreign trip which I am sure will benefit the club immensely and support their continued development,” said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

On top

Galaxy FC has big dreams. They want to be the most successful and most recognized futsal club in Australia. To achieve that the formation of young players are very important.

They search for players who can make an impact as professionals and contribute to the winning traditions of Queensland’s newest franchise. Besides that, they provide courses available to everyone with some subjects like Attacking Principles, Defensive Principles, Set Pieces, systems of play and Goalkeeping, all in line with the FFA National Curriculum.

They want to lead the development of futsal in Australia and certainly the experience in World Futsal Cup VI will contribute a lot to that. Could they finish this fantastic 2017 with the World Futsal Championship Title ? Lets see..