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Nagoya Oceans is one of the most powerful futsal clubs of the world. They won Japanese League nine times and the Asian League three times. The structure of the club, which has an online store and a big Arena in the city of Nagoya, impress everyone in Asia and bring players from other countries – especially Brazil – to use the t-shirt of the Japanese team.

But was wrong who thinks that just the adults enjoy all this stuff. Nagoya Oceans has youth categories with strong teams in Infantil, Cadete and Juvenil categories.

They will show this work with futsal in the World Futsal Cup VI. Will be their first participation in the tournament which has some of the best teams of the world in a beautiful city, located near from Barcelona and which have a beautiful sports complex, where will be played this high-level championship.

“Nagoya is one of Japan’s most successful clubs. Japanese teams performed very well in edition V and we can expect Nagoya to at least match their success,” said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup.
Nagoya will play the Alevin category which will have also FC Barcelona, City Futsal, Olé Futsal, BNW Boys, Hyper Futsal and Bullets Futsal Academy.

Certainly they will show their power against these big opponents, fighting for the title and impressing even more their country and their continent in the return to Japan.