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With an investment of £300,000 to develop futsal in schools, colleges and youth soccer leagues, the English Football Association and Football Foundation has cemented  plans to drive the growth of futsal in England in coming years.

Olé Futsal is one of the leaders of the futsal revolution in England.

Based in Essex, the club has played multiple tournaments across Europe with great results. This year, they played the Futsal Week Zadar Cup in Croatia and the Manchester Futsal International Tournament where their youth team won a title.

In last year’s World Futsal Cup V, they won the Alevin category beating FC Barcelona in the final. The game finished 2-2, and the English side won by 4-3 on the penalties.

In the Benjamin category, the team made it to the finals but lost to Brazilian team Santos (6-2).

The tournament ended on a high note for Olé Futsal as players  Riley Owen and Sydie Peck took home the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

This December, the team plans to compete in the same categories at World Futsal Cup VI.

“What Olé have achieved at the World Futsal Cup is quite incredible. The club is only a few years old but their level of play is equal to that of renowned clubs such as Santos and FC Barcelona. They now come with expectation but I am sure they will continue on an upward trajectory,” said Doug Reed, tournament director of  World Futsal Cup VI.

With an elevated style of play and the determination to move forward, Olé Futsal is leading the futsal revolution from Essex. They will prove themselves once again at World Futsal Cup VI. This young team will be one to watch.