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When we talk about futsal in the last years we always talk about Brazil, Spain and Russia. These first two countries have a great history in the World Futsal Cup while the Russians will start themselves in the VI edition with a powerful club: Dina Moscow.

Most titled team of the country, Dina Moscow is the oldest as well. The club was founded in 1991 by the businessman Sergey Koslov. Dina is the name of Koslov’s wife.

Since that foundation was 26 years of glory. Dina Moscow won the Russian League nine times and the Russian Cup another eight opportunities. Besides that, they were champions of European Champions Tournament three times and of the International Cup in 1997.

Now they want to show this power in the youth categories as well. They will play at the World Futsal Cup VI in the Infantil and Juvenil categories. The opponents are also powerful, like Futsal City Atlas from Colombia, Rio de Janeiro from Brazil, Dinamo Futsal from Croatia, and FC Barcelona from Spain.

“We are delighted to have one of the world’s most renowned futsal clubs participating this year in Dina Moscow & our first Russian participant in the history of the World Futsal Cup. Russia produces some of the world’s best players so we are all very excited to see the young talent in their squad,” said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

Who will be the future stars of Dina Moscow and consequently of Russian futsal? We look forward to see them in the courts of Blanes.