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Former professional player, Wilson Matos has been living in Washington D.C. since 1997; However, his passion for futsal never diminished, and when he saw that there were no clubs in the area, he created DC  Hyper in 2014. His hope is to pass on his love of the sport to his son.

“Futsal in D.C. is getting popular now. After great results from the club over the last three years in local, regional and national tournaments, more academy kids are signing up for our futsal program,” said Matos.

To say that their results have been great is humble of Matos–their results have been quite impressive.

They have been finalists of all the major futsal tournaments they played in the U.S. at the regional and national level. This past year, they won the Benjamin category of the 2017 World Futsal Championships with five victories in five games. In the Alevin category they had three victories and two defeats.

In 2018, DC  Hyper plans to travel to Brazil where players will complete training sessions with Pulo do Gato, a club from the city of Campinas.

Testing themselves in Spain

The same players that won the U.S. tournaments this year will go to Spain in December to test themselves at World Futsal Cup VI. Matos knows his player’s opponents are mighty but he is confident that his young players will impress the crowd in Europe.

“All our players are USSDA players so they are all training at the highest level outdoors at least three times per week and they spend two days of the week training futsal with us,” said the coach. “I’m aware of the level of play we will be facing in Spain so we are getting ready to compete against any team.”