City Futsal is ready to impress again at World Futsal Cup VI

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Brazil and Spain are some of the best futsal teams in the world, but this December a Texas club will arrive to challenge them in the fight for the title at World Futsal Cup VI.

City Futsal, based in Dallas, Texas had great campaigns in the last editions of the World Futsal Cup and the World Futsal Championships. Their mission is to promote and spread the game of futsal through training programs and the production of tournaments and events.

The club has academies in Carrolton, Richardson and Dallas where they provide training at the adult and youth level, including specific trainings for goalkeepers and an Individual Player Devolopment Program (FDSP).

“We are proud of the multiple local, regional, national and international tournaments we have competed in and either come out on top or competed well with our objectives being successfully implemented and executed by the players,” said Manuel Mariel, owner of City Futsal.

"Our main objective is not to ‘win’ competition but to develop intelligent, self-reliant players for the future. Our achievements are measured by success of the individual player and growth of the sport of futsal being used for the development of future U.S. soccer stars,”

Their performance in past tournaments

In August, City Futsal impressed at the World Futsal Championships with four victories, one defeat, 53 goals scored and nine suffered, winning them Silver in the Cadete category. They had a fantastic victory of 14-0 against Santos, with their only defeat against Brazilian champion, Rio.

Last year, they had a great performance in World Futsal Cup V, finishing in third place. In the finals, they played an intense match against FC Barcelona. The Spanish side won by 5-3 in one of the best matches of the tournament. In the dispute for the bronze medal, they succeed against Alianza, another American team, in another great game (9 x 5).

“It is always a privilege to be able to not only play on the same court as Barcelona, but to be able to compete at their level and minutes away from almost beating them to move on to the final. Nobody likes to lose, especially the group of players who participated in last year’s World Futsal Cup, but the experience the players and myself as a coach gain from those games will forever help us through future opportunities and experiences,” said Manuel.

This year, the teams participating in World Futsal Cup VI await the return of City Futsal. For these young players, this will be an opportunity to face old opponents in the quest for gold.

Santos, the home of Neymar and Pelé, will show off their future stars in World Futsal Cup VI

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The world knows Santos as the first team that Pelé and Neymar played for. With their long history and titles, they count on fans all over the world.

Neymar, Robinho and other stars in Santos' history have another thing in common: they started their career playing futsal. The team is known for giving opportunities to young players and has a futsal academy that generates impressive players for the soccer club.

Part of this futsal academy will come to Spain in December to compete in World Futsal Cup VI, one of the most prestigious youth tournaments in the world.
Last year they showed great skill and were crowned champions of the Benjamin category with four games, four victories, 33 goals scored and just three goals suffered. The Brazilian club also had the best goalkeeper (João Paulo Oliveira) and MVP (Caio Gomes) of last edition's tournament.
“Santos impressed everyone with their performance last year. They competed in the youngest age group but their level of play was far beyond their years,” said Doug Reed, tournament director.
This year, fans in Spain expect another great performance from Santos. We are sure they will not disappoint.

Futsal Dinamo to represent Croatia in World Futsal Cup VI

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In 2012, Croatia hosted the UEFA Futsal EURO (European Championships). That same year, Futsal Dinamo was created. Since then, coaches and players have laid the foundation for a club whose fans and members own and run operations. To talk about this interesting model, we sat down with Joraj Cosic, director of Futsal Dinamo. In a candid interview, we talked about the players he’s bringing to World Futsal Cup VI, his dream for the club and how he’s preparing his players for what will be their biggest tournament yet.
USA Futsal: What should our readers know about you?

Cosic: Futsal Dinamo was founded in 2012. It competed with limited success in Croatian second futsal division, but in spring of 2014, the club took-off properly when Bad Blue Boys, the Zagreb-based supporter group of NK Dinamo, got involved in the club. Since then we secured a comfortable promotion to the top tier and have been competing for the title.

USA Futsal: How are you different from other futsal clubs?

Cosic: We are a fan-owned club that functions on 'one member – one vote' principle. Every member of the club is its owner and has a possibility to vote and steer the club in the direction in which majority of fans wants to see the club moving. Since the Bad Blue Boys were repressed out from our stadium, the idea was to gather all Dinamo fans around our futsal club so that the tradition of supporting Dinamo survives through our futsal club.

USA Futsal: That’s an interesting model. Why choose to be a fan-governed club?

Cosic: Our mission is to represent our name and colours wherever we play and to promote fan-owned governance as an ideal and long-term success model of sports club governance. We believe that club is above all individuals when it is run by its fans/members and that no individual can hold exclusive rights on Dinamo because fans are the club.

USA Futsal: Croatia made its debut in the World Cup in ’94, how has the futsal landscape in the country helped to define the club and its goals?

Cosic: Compared to some other countries it is safe to say that futsal is very competitive in Croatia. There are many very talented players that emerge every year and it is very interesting to follow the development of these young players. Professional futsal is still in its infancy since not all clubs can afford all the expenses of professionalism. However, we have put ourselves in the mix and through innovations and high level of competitiveness, we strive to move everybody towards more a professional approach. Luckily, others will follow and we will be able to better position Croatia on a European and World futsal map. Talent is here, we just have to utilize it.

USA Futsal: I imagine you have very regimented training sessions, what is your secret to preparing for World Futsal Cup VI this December?

Cosic: We have a serious approach to this Cup. We will hold a number of intra-squad tournaments to get the best possible selection of young players to represent our club in Barcelona. Our expectations are that the tournament will be a competitive one with many different playing styles from around the world. We are excited to be part of it and really looking forward to the start of the tournament.

USA Futsal: From what we’ve seen, your players are in a good spot for the tournament; have you trained with international teams?

Cosic: Yes, we played in one tournament in Croatia, with teams from five different countries. It was a great experience for players and staff, but the World Futsal Cup VI is totally different story. Our Club will have our own international tournament for U17 and U19 category in December. Its great way to make a new friendship and partners.

USA Futsal: What do you hope your players get out of this experience?

Cosic: Since this is our first appearance on such tournament, we will strive to take as many positives as possible, but letting these young players enjoy themselves, play futsal and gather experience for their future career is the most important thing that we expect to get from this tournament. There is no doubt that our young players will come out as better players and people after this tournament is finished.

USA Futsal: No doubt. They will meet many teams and get exposure to different styles of play from the best youth teams. But tell me, as a coach, what will be (or what has been) your club’s greatest achievement?

Cosic:  Some of our most notable achievements are a dominant promotion to the top tier a few years back and our participation in every season playoffs since then. I think the best is yet to come and I am confident that we are on a correct path. We are getting closer to the title every year and clinching that one will be our best achievement so far. It is what we owe to our fantastic fans and ourselves. I would also highlight our open approach to the fans and our members. We want all our fans and members to feel as a part of the community and Dinamo family. I think that our strong foundations are our best achievement.

USA Futsal: You mentioned you’re selecting the best players from your club for the tournament, anything you can tell our readers about them?

Cosic: I can only promise you that they will represent our trademark attacking style of play and that they will give their best to promote our club in best possible fashion on this big international scene.

Family and sports blending: DC Hyper founded by father to pass futsal legacy to son

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Former professional player, Wilson Matos has been living in Washington D.C. since 1997; However, his passion for futsal never diminished, and when he saw that there were no clubs in the area, he created DC  Hyper in 2014. His hope is to pass on his love of the sport to his son.

“Futsal in D.C. is getting popular now. After great results from the club over the last three years in local, regional and national tournaments, more academy kids are signing up for our futsal program,” said Matos.

To say that their results have been great is humble of Matos--their results have been quite impressive.

They have been finalists of all the major futsal tournaments they played in the U.S. at the regional and national level. This past year, they won the Benjamin category of the 2017 World Futsal Championships with five victories in five games. In the Alevin category they had three victories and two defeats.

In 2018, DC  Hyper plans to travel to Brazil where players will complete training sessions with Pulo do Gato, a club from the city of Campinas.

Testing themselves in Spain

The same players that won the U.S. tournaments this year will go to Spain in December to test themselves at World Futsal Cup VI. Matos knows his player's opponents are mighty but he is confident that his young players will impress the crowd in Europe.

“All our players are USSDA players so they are all training at the highest level outdoors at least three times per week and they spend two days of the week training futsal with us,” said the coach. “I'm aware of the level of play we will be facing in Spain so we are getting ready to compete against any team.”

Badral/RAD developing World Futsal Cup VI players into professional futsal players

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In 1998, players from Maikai University formed futsal club Badral/RAD. Now, with almost 20 years under their belt, they have participated in multiple international tournaments.
The club's plans for the future are ambitious, with their sights set on World Futsal Cup VI this December.

“We want players who compete in World Futsal Cup VI to reach the professional level in the future and go on to win titles in Japan,” said Kenzuke Takahashi, head coach.

Last year, Badral/RAD played in the Juvenil, Infantil and Cadete categories at World Futsal Cup V, reaching the semifinal in these last two and playing against seasoned clubs like Corinthians and FC Barcelona.

One of their players, Shutaro Nakashima, made headlines after being recruited by pro Brazilian outfit Intelli Futsal after the tournament.

The level of play at the World Futsal Cup has historically drawn top talent, bringing elite scouts and coaches to the matches. Intelli is one of the most prestigious clubs in Brazil and was home to Falcão, the biggest futsal star of all time.

After seeing the success that Nakashima enjoyed last year, the young squads of Badral/RAD dream about the possibilities provided by World Futsal Cup VI. They have been tirelessly training for months and are ready to showcase their skill in Spain.


Olé Futsal leads the futsal revolution in England

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With an investment of £300,000 to develop futsal in schools, colleges and youth soccer leagues, the English Football Association and Football Foundation has cemented  plans to drive the growth of futsal in England in coming years.

Olé Futsal is one of the leaders of the futsal revolution in England.

Based in Essex, the club has played multiple tournaments across Europe with great results. This year, they played the Futsal Week Zadar Cup in Croatia and the Manchester Futsal International Tournament where their youth team won a title.

In last year's World Futsal Cup V, they won the Alevin category beating FC Barcelona in the final. The game finished 2-2, and the English side won by 4-3 on the penalties.

In the Benjamin category, the team made it to the finals but lost to Brazilian team Santos (6-2).

The tournament ended on a high note for Olé Futsal as players  Riley Owen and Sydie Peck took home the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

This December, the team plans to compete in the same categories at World Futsal Cup VI.

"What Olé have achieved at the World Futsal Cup is quite incredible. The club is only a few years old but their level of play is equal to that of renowned clubs such as Santos and FC Barcelona. They now come with expectation but I am sure they will continue on an upward trajectory," said Doug Reed, tournament director of  World Futsal Cup VI.

With an elevated style of play and the determination to move forward, Olé Futsal is leading the futsal revolution from Essex. They will prove themselves once again at World Futsal Cup VI. This young team will be one to watch.

Melbourne Brasil Futsal Academy

Melbourne Academy brings "jogo bonito" to World Futsal Cup VI

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Brazilian coach Gui Costa has years of experience in futsal, having coached in many countries, including participations in four professional world championships. Since 2014, he has been 100 percent focused on his own creation the Melbourne Brazil Futsal Academy. Located in Melbourne, the club aspires to play beautifully against Brazilian teams.

“My main focus is the development of the fundamentals of the game: passing, controlling and shooting with proper training. In Australia, there is not much focus on developing skills and I want to help change this through my work with futsal,” said Costa. “I want my players to learn to play the ball from the back and not just kick it long and hope for the best! I want to teach them the ‘joga bonito’ (Portuguese phrase meaning the beautiful game).”

Costa's hard work has paid off

After three years of organizing academies and providing young players the opportunity to play in junior social leagues year-round, Melbourne Brazil Futsal Academy will play the first international tournament of their history: World Futsal Cup VI, which will take place in Blanes, Spain this December.

“This experience will be an eye-opener for them. As a coach I am trying to make sure that we are prepared to defend well first of all. I know what to expect and the teams coming from Brazil will be very good. My hope is that with my experience in the game and good preparation we can be competitive and then hopefully get some results. I want a team that plays with no regrets and leaves everything on the court,” said Costa.

The players making up the squad competing at World Futsal Cup VI is made up of the best players from their leagues and academy. These seasoned athletes have already played tournaments in Sydney and Brisbane, and will compete in the first National Futsal Tournament for juniors, taking place in Melbourne next October.

Futsal in Australia and the pressures of representing the country

According to Costa, futsal is not new in Australia. The sport has been around for many years, but recent seasons saw the growth of soccer which has helped fuel the growth of futsal.

“Players and parents see the great benefits of playing futsal to improve skills and become a better soccer player, but then our job as futsal advocates is to make sure we can then produce players that want to play futsal before soccer and we need to provide them with the right tools and pathways for their development,” explained the coach.
Costa and the Melbourne coaches have been working hard to prepare their players for World Futsal Cup VI. They expect this to be the experience of a lifetime.

“Living in Australia we are far from everything, and we are very appreciative to be in this competition. I would like my players to make new friends and make great memories. For us is not about winning only, but to be courteous towards everyone including officials, opposition and spectator. We want to leave a good impression on and off the court and represent Australia in the best way possible,” finished Costa.

Futsal City Atlas puts Colombia on the map at World Futsal Cup VI

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Every winter, the World Futsal Cup brings teams and athletes from all over the world to its home town of Blanes in the Spanish coast. This year’s tournament will feature a new team from Colombia who will become the first to represent the country at the tournament.

Its name is Futsal City Atlas.

Since 2016, it has won impressive titles in Brazil, Paraguay and England. The team was founded in 2015 to represent Bogota in a national tournament. Futsal City Atlas then competed a South American Championship in Brazil in 2016 and became part of the Colombian national team.

The trailblazer team then took their talents to Paraguay last season where they won the world title. This year, they played a Gatorade tournament in London.

After going up against Spain, Mexico, Italy and France, they beat El Salvador and won the title, winning a trip to Cardiff, where they watched the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus.

Now, the team's focus is World Futsal Cup VI. Coach David Jimenez knows the challenges that his club will face, as they take on seasoned teams but his players are ready.

“They are training 4 days a week, competing in league tournaments in Bogota on weekends", said Jimenez. "They know they will face the best in the world and this is what fuels them."

Principles To Win

Futsal City Atlas has two non-negotiable principles that are taught to players: “Esfuerzo perfecto (perfect effort)” and “disciplina tactica (tactic discipline)”. These are meant to remind players what they're training for.

“Esfuerzo perfecto is one of the club's mottos. It is meant to remind the players of the sacrifice they have to make (like getting up early, doing homework and then coming to train when they're tired)." said Jimenez.

The quality of the team’s regiment and their desire to success was noticed by Sergio Arboleda University and together, they have established a partnership that will benefit the University and players.

As part of their agreement, the team will represent the University at the World Futsal Cup VI and the players will have access to a futsal scholarship.

The titles, international championships and union with the University are all a testament to the booming success of Futsal City Atlas . When we asked Coach Jimenez how they did it, he explained it began with a dream.

“I think that we must dream, but also we need to work to achieve these dreams. When we started, was a dream to represent our city. We dreamed, worked and achieved that. A lot of people said that we wouldn't get here, but we put in the effort and had success,” concluded the coach.

Futsal City Atlas made history in Colombia and they are just getting started. See them prove themselves at the World Futsal Cup VI.

We Stand With Barcelona.

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August 17, 2017

For the past four years, we have called Barcelona home every winter as we bring teams from all over the world for the World Futsal Cup. Today, we are deeply shocked and saddened at the senseless loss of life.

As we learn more about the terrorist attack, we first wanted to let you all know that our team is safe and accounted for.

We will not allow this act of violence to discourage us from coming home again this winter. We will ensure that security measures are in place throughout the tournament for the safety and well-being of our staff and teams.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with those impacted by this horrible event.

We stand with Barcelona.


Rob Andrews

President, USA Futsal


Dallas ISD at 2017 World Futsal Championships

Texas School Makes History at the 2017 World Futsal Championships

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Every summer, teams from all over the world travel to Disney’s ESPN Wide World Of Sports to compete at the World Futsal Championships. This year, the arrival of a young team from Texas made history.

Last May, Dallas ISD, the 14th-largest public school district in the United States, broke ground and held the nation’s first public school Futsal Tournament. This district-wide event paved way for futsal’s integration with education.

“Futsal is a very fast-paced, engaging sport that allows young kids the opportunity to develop critical thinking in a team environment,” said Rob Andrews, president of USA Futsal. “The added benefit to the schools is that this is a low-impact, low-cost sport that players can enjoy year-round.”

This year, Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School was one of two elementary schools invited to participate in the World Futsal Championships. To make it to Orlando, the team raised over $5,000 and secured a sponsorship from Southwest Airlines.

Their participation made history as they became the first public school district in the nation to compete in the tournament.

“Partnering with USA Futsal was a wonderful opportunity for the young athletes,” said Lance Johanson, manager and special projects coordinator of the Health & Physical Education Department of Dallas ISD. “Participation in the tournament opened doors for cultural exchange, sportsmanship, and opportunities for social growth.”

One of the district goals of Dallas ISD is for every student to participate in extracurricular activities. The introduction of futsal has brought them closer to achieving this goal.

The official small sided game of FIFA, futsal is a 5 on 5 fast-paced version of soccer that can be played on any hard surface like a basketball court, tennis court or even an unused parking lot.

Players on average receive 600% more touches on the ball and score four times more goals than traditional soccer, making it the perfect development tool for organizations looking to increase players’ participation in the practices and games.

Many of the greatest soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho and even Pelé have attributed playing futsal as children to their success as soccer players.

About USA Futsal

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