Seguimos juntos com Barcelona.

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17 de Agosto de 2017

Durante os últimos quatro anos, Barcelona nos recebeu como lar a cada inverno, e já trouxemos equipes de todo o mundo para a Copa do Mundo de Futsal. Estamos profundamente entristecidos pela perda de várias vidas inocentes.

A medida que fomos sabendo  mais sobre o ataque terrorista, queremos que saibam que estamos a salvo.

Acima de tudo, não permitiremos que este ato de violência nos desencoraje a retornar a Barcelona neste inverno. Para assegurar a proteção e o bem estar de nosso pessoal e das equipes participantes, garantimos que iremos tomar medidas de segurança durante o torneio.

Nossos pensamentos e as mais profundas condolências com os que foram atingidos por este terrível acontecimento.

Estamos com Barcelona.

Rob Andrews
Presidente, USA Futsal

International Women’s Day – Soccer and Futsal play major role in Messner’s story

A female soccer player in United States is not extraordinary. In Brazil, however, the country known as the “Soccer Nation”, it is an uphill battle for women that grow up playing “the Beautiful Game”.

Larissa Messner was able to overcome many obstacles, and with the support of her friends and family, chose to pursue the sport of soccer throughout her youth. Now, some 15 years later, she is studying Sport Management and playing college soccer for Warner University in Florida.

As a Sophomore she is taking on another challenge having accepted a position to work for USA Futsal at the World Futsal Championships, which take place from July 31st to August 3rd at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

"What attracted me to the World Futsal Championship was working directly with children and futsal, two passions that I have. There will be over 100 teams from all over the world, children from all over the world with different cultures and religions, all competing against each other. It is wonderful to help create a tournament where the children can learn from each other’s culture and make new friends for a lifetime. This environment really makes the experience rewarding for me.” said the Brazilian Messner.

On the International Women’s Day, Larissa dreams for a better and more equal world and for this dream she will keep playing her part.

"Women are coming increasingly important in every field of work and this shows that we have the same capacity as men. People are beginning to see and understand this, especially in Brazil. It's still going to take a lot of time to end this prejudice, but even to see this small change, at least for me, means that I have more strength to keep fighting and show everything that we women are capable of achieving."



We had a beautiful day at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex! All the teams showed up strong and brought their best game to qualify for the finals.

Alevin's and Infantil's did a great job and completed their groups in the morning, and then played the semi-finals in the afternoon. We will host their final games tomorrow!

At Pre Benjamin's and Benjamin's, girls played the first of two matches to win the Championship Series! Cadete's finished the group matches. We are excited for their final matches tomorrow.

We will have a truly wonderful day tomorrow, join us for the final games and the Award's Ceremony at Jostens Center following each Championship Match!

You can follow the link to view the Championship itinerary, results and standings.


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Intercontinental Futsal Cup - Resounding Success

The Intercontinental Futsal Cup was a resounding success. International competition raised awareness for the sport of Futsal in the US and has contributed to its growth locally. The tournament generated quite the news buzz in both surrounding areas and internationally. All teams competed well and the tournament was well received by all participants.