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When we talk about World Futsal Cup naturally we talk about FC Barcelona. The tournament that put in the court some of the best teams of the world has the Catalan club as the biggest champion with 11 titles.
The Spanish team won one title in Alevin, four titles in Infantil, three titles in Cadete and other three in Juvenil.

“For our teams it is good and attractive to be able to compete against teams of different levels and countries. Apart from being close to home is a tournament that year after year has been improving in their organization and that makes us comfortable,” said Jordi Torras, director of FC Barcelona.

For this year they will return to Blanes and hopes to continue this glorious story. Beside that, Torras said that the plan is contribute to achieve the player’s dreams.

“We want to help the players to pursue and achieve their dream, which is to play in the future with the first team or to play in the first division of Spanish futsal.”


Més que un club. This is the catalan slogan of FC Barcelona which is not restricted to the soccer team. Other sports also has one original idea and futsal is not different.

“The players must assimilate and acquire step by step the objectives set from the smaller categories to learn to develop their talent within the ‘DNA FCB’, trying to get these players from the youth categories to the professional team,” said Torras.

However, what are the main points of this DNA plan? There are four and Jordi explained to us in this exclusive interview.

“These are the points where our section and the FCB are based on training our players: In SPORTS, we work on skills and talent, individual technique and team play. CHARACTER as ambition and discipline. VALUES as respect, companionship and excellence. In the EDUCATIONAL, monitoring and academic progress.”

The World Futsal Cup VI is another step to conquer new titles, know different game styles and help in the evolution of this development plan for young’s of FC Barcelona.

The Catalan shirt is heavy and we look forward to see them this December.