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In 1998, players from Maikai University formed futsal club Badral/RAD. Now, with almost 20 years under their belt, they have participated in multiple international tournaments.
The club’s plans for the future are ambitious, with their sights set on World Futsal Cup VI this December.

“We want players who compete in World Futsal Cup VI to reach the professional level in the future and go on to win titles in Japan,” said Kenzuke Takahashi, head coach.

Last year, Badral/RAD played in the Juvenil, Infantil and Cadete categories at World Futsal Cup V, reaching the semifinal in these last two and playing against seasoned clubs like Corinthians and FC Barcelona.

One of their players, Shutaro Nakashima, made headlines after being recruited by pro Brazilian outfit Intelli Futsal after the tournament.

The level of play at the World Futsal Cup has historically drawn top talent, bringing elite scouts and coaches to the matches. Intelli is one of the most prestigious clubs in Brazil and was home to Falcão, the biggest futsal star of all time.

After seeing the success that Nakashima enjoyed last year, the young squads of Badral/RAD dream about the possibilities provided by World Futsal Cup VI. They have been tirelessly training for months and are ready to showcase their skill in Spain.