Melbourne Brasil Futsal Academy

Melbourne Academy brings "jogo bonito" to World Futsal Cup VI

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Brazilian coach Gui Costa has years of experience in futsal, having coached in many countries, including participations in four professional world championships. Since 2014, he has been 100 percent focused on his own creation the Melbourne Brazil Futsal Academy. Located in Melbourne, the club aspires to play beautifully against Brazilian teams.

“My main focus is the development of the fundamentals of the game: passing, controlling and shooting with proper training. In Australia, there is not much focus on developing skills and I want to help change this through my work with futsal,” said Costa. “I want my players to learn to play the ball from the back and not just kick it long and hope for the best! I want to teach them the ‘joga bonito’ (Portuguese phrase meaning the beautiful game).”

Costa's hard work has paid off

After three years of organizing academies and providing young players the opportunity to play in junior social leagues year-round, Melbourne Brazil Futsal Academy will play the first international tournament of their history: World Futsal Cup VI, which will take place in Blanes, Spain this December.

“This experience will be an eye-opener for them. As a coach I am trying to make sure that we are prepared to defend well first of all. I know what to expect and the teams coming from Brazil will be very good. My hope is that with my experience in the game and good preparation we can be competitive and then hopefully get some results. I want a team that plays with no regrets and leaves everything on the court,” said Costa.

The players making up the squad competing at World Futsal Cup VI is made up of the best players from their leagues and academy. These seasoned athletes have already played tournaments in Sydney and Brisbane, and will compete in the first National Futsal Tournament for juniors, taking place in Melbourne next October.

Futsal in Australia and the pressures of representing the country

According to Costa, futsal is not new in Australia. The sport has been around for many years, but recent seasons saw the growth of soccer which has helped fuel the growth of futsal.

“Players and parents see the great benefits of playing futsal to improve skills and become a better soccer player, but then our job as futsal advocates is to make sure we can then produce players that want to play futsal before soccer and we need to provide them with the right tools and pathways for their development,” explained the coach.
Costa and the Melbourne coaches have been working hard to prepare their players for World Futsal Cup VI. They expect this to be the experience of a lifetime.

“Living in Australia we are far from everything, and we are very appreciative to be in this competition. I would like my players to make new friends and make great memories. For us is not about winning only, but to be courteous towards everyone including officials, opposition and spectator. We want to leave a good impression on and off the court and represent Australia in the best way possible,” finished Costa.